What is Enumeration in Python

If you are a programmer, you may have seen this question. What is Enumeration in Python? A data collection object is transformed into an enumerate object using the enumerate function in Python. Enumerate produces an object with a counter serving as a key for each value in the object, making it simpler to retrieve the … Read more

Cloak of Visibility: Browsing Different Web

Cloaking of Visibility is a concept of using different webpages for Google Bot and a User for the same web address.Wikipedia The Research Paper Cloak of Visibility deals with the competitive character of misuse that has given rise to a heated conflict in online masking. Here, criminals are trying to bypass the difficulty of obtaining … Read more

In App Browsers

In App Browsers are browsers which are embedded inside of a mobile application. The market for smartphones and tablets has grown significantly during the past two years, driven by Apple and Google. Currently, the platforms for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android take 37% of the market share held by Android and 27% by iOS. Because … Read more

Lottery Scheduling Example

Lottery Scheduling Example: Process scheduling of the lottery variety is slightly unique from normal scheduling. Random scheduling is used for scheduling processes. Preemptive or non-preemptive lottery scheduling are both options. Additionally, it addresses the issue of famine. Each method will have a non-zero probability of getting chosen at each scheduling operation if at least one … Read more