Sparse arrays hackerrank solution JavaScript and Python

Sparse arrays hackerrank solution JavaScript

Firstly declare a list to store the returned list. Secondly, Declare an outer loop which loops through the queries list. Write another loop which will iterate through the values present in stringList List. Declare a counter too, to count the number of occurrences queries element present inside the string List. Check if Element i of Queries List is equal to the element j of stringList. Push the Counter variable inside your returned List

Descriptive Statistics in Data Science

Descriptive statistics in data science

The structure, synthesis, and interpretation of data are the focus of descriptive statistics, a subfield of data science. It is employed to clarify and appreciate a dataset’s essential properties, including its distribution, dispersion, and central tendency.. Using descriptive statistics to prepare the data for inferential statistics-based analysis is a critical stage in the data analysis process. Data scientists may find patterns, trends, and insights using various tools and methods.

Companies Who Use Data Mining

The practise of obtaining useful information from huge data collections is known as data mining. Data mining is used by businesses across several sectors to gather insights and improve choices. Wikipedia. Here are a few Companies Who Use Data Mining: Companies Who Use Data Mining Retail businesses: These businesses gather a ton of information on … Read more

C++ for Everyone – Second Edition

Cay S. Horstmann’s thorough introduction to the C++ programming language is titled “C++ for Everyone, Second Edition.” It offers a comprehensive overview of the language and its capabilities and is designed to be approachable for both novice and seasoned programmers. You can Download the PDF of this book at the end of the Post. If … Read more

Database Systems Concepts 7th Edition Solutions – Chapter 3

Database Systems Concepts 7th Edition Solutions is a highly recommended book for people interested in databases. The free version of this book can be downloaded from HERE. Practice Excercise 3.1 Write the following queries in SQL, using the university schema. (We suggest you actually run these queries on a database, using the sample data that we … Read more

Five Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing defined by NIST

The Simple Definition of Cloud Computing is Delievery of On-demand Computing Resources. The Five Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing defined by NIST are On-Demand Self-service, Broad Network Access, Resource Pooling, Rapid Elasticity and Measured Resources. Cloud Computing defined by NIST A model for enabling Convienient, on-demand network access to shared pool of configurable computing resources … Read more

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