Accountability in Network Security

Do you know what Accountability in Network Security is? It is a logging and audit trail. The idea is that someone is responsible for maintaining the security and control of tools, materials, and data and is liable to the appropriate authorities in case any of those items is lost or misused. The definition of accountability is Wikipedia.

Accountability in Network Security
Accountability in Network Security

What is Accountability

It is a crucial security goal. It is determining the attacker or principal in case something goes wrong.

Logging & Audit Trails

  • Data integrity in logs & audit trails must not be able to change trails or be able to detect changes to logs.
  • Otherwise, an attacker can cover their tracks.

An information security plan must include accountability. Every person who interacts with an information system should have clear information assurance duties, according to the statement. An employee with administrative responsibility for information assurance may easily measure the tasks for which they are accountable since they are a component of the broader information security strategy. One illustration would be a rule mandating that no employee installs third-party software on company-owned information infrastructure. To ensure that the policy is being followed, the person in charge of information security should periodically review it. People must understand what is expected of them to promote continuous progress.

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