Algorithm Machine Learning – Machine Learning

Algorithm Machine Learning is a word made up of three words, Algorithm, Machine, and Learning.  The algorithm is a set of rules to solve a problem. A machine is a tool that makes your life easy, and Learning is studying new things.

Before diving into the Algorithm let’s first fully grasp what are learning tasks, specifically Machine Learned Tasks.


Learning a self-driving car

How do Self-driving Cars Steer Correctly? They trained through series of strategies and events to learn self-driving. The ALVINN systemfor example, has utilized its learned tactics to drive unaided at 70 mph on Public routes. To know more bout the ALVINN system Read this Article

Speech Recognition

Have you ever thought, how do SIRI or Google Assistant recognize what we are saying? Machine Learning is used in some way in all of the most effective voice recognition systems. Let’s talk about an early voice recognition system SPHINX system, which developed speaker-specific methods to identity sound and words from the voice signal. To know more about the SPHINX system Read this Article.

Learning a Chess Game

If you are into chess, you would have definitely heard of Garry Kasparov’s game with IBM’s Deep Blue. The IBM Deep Blue machine had used machine learning algorithms to train itself through the training set containing past games and even it beat Garry Kasparov. To know more about the IBM Deep Blue Read the Article.

Algorithm Machine Learning

The Algorithm of Machine Learning goes through 4 phases:

  • Planning:- What is Problem we have to Solve? What Dataset do we have?
  • Design:- What solution do we want?  Filterthe Dataset. Solution Application.
  • Development:- Appy algorithm on Dataset. If there is a huge difference between the predicted value and actual value rerun the algorithm by changing the parameters. Minimize the Loss Function.
  • Apply:- Apply the model to predict the outcome of real-life problems.



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