Authorization in Network Security

Do you know what authorization in network security is? It is the act of checking whether a user has permission to conduct some action. The link to the definition of authorization in network security is here: Wikipedia

authorization in network security
Authorization in Network Security

What is Authorization

A server assesses if a client has permission to utilise a resource or access a file through the authorization procedure. Authentication and authorization are frequently combined so that the server can identify the client making the access request.

Different types of authentication may be required for authorization; some may not require passwords.
In some circumstances, authorization is not required; users may access a resource or a file by requesting it. Most Internet websites don’t need authorization or authentication.


Let’s say Alice has a bank account:
then can Alice access every object(like every bank account, every software, etc) in Bank ?

When Bank authenticate Alice, the Bank must enforce restrictions on Alice’s actions. For example, Alice can’t look at Charlie’s account balance or install new accounting software on the Bank system. However, Sam, the Bank system administrator, can install new accounting software. Enforcing such restrictions goes by the name of authorization.

Note: the authorization places restrictions on the actions of authenticated users.


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