Bfinject is a programme that can be used to inject payloads into built executables on Windows and Linux. Not just iOS. However, iOS has a very distinct architectural and security approach. It is not a technology that would generally be utilised on that platform. To Download the tool visit its github page.


Because iOS has a closed system design, applications are contained behind sandboxes. Applications are unable to interact with the underlying operating system. Due to the inability to inject code into a running process, injecting payloads into active processes is challenging. Additionally, iOS apps are signed by Apple, so any changes would render the signature invalid and stop the programme from functioning.

In order to assess the security of iOS apps, security researchers and penetration testers often utilise different tools and methods, such as static code analysis, dynamic analysis, or jailbreaking the device. When iOS restrictions are removed from a device, the procedure is known as “jailbreaking,”. It enables you to install third-party applications, modifications, and extensions not offered through the App Store. However, jailbreaking also entails various dangers and is prohibited in many nations.

Bfinject is not a tool that would be utilised on iOS because of how the platform is designed and its security is implemented, making it challenging to inject payloads into active processes. Static code analysis, dynamic analysis, or even jailbreaking the device are alternatives used to assess iOS apps’ security but are both unlawful and dangerous.


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