C++ for Everyone – Second Edition

C++ for Everyone
C++ for Everyone

Cay S. Horstmann’s thorough introduction to the C++ programming language is titled “C++ for Everyone, Second Edition.” It offers a comprehensive overview of the language and its capabilities and is designed to be approachable for both novice and seasoned programmers. You can Download the PDF of this book at the end of the Post. If you want to buy the Printed version visit here.

The book’s initial chapters address data types, control structures, and functions. Then, topics like classes, object-oriented programming, and templates that are more complicated are discussed. The book also covers the Standard Template Library (STL), a potent collection of templates for well-known data structures and algorithms.. By using the STL, you may make your code simpler and more efficient.

The focus on sound programming practises is one of this book’s distinctive aspects. The author offers helpful advice on writing understandable, legible, and maintainable code in addition to pointers for debugging and testing your applications. To help you apply what you have learned, the book also includes a variety of programming assignments and examples..

The second version of the book has been revised to reflect the most recent changes to the C++ standard and programming best practises. A new chapter also covers the most recent version of the language, C++ 11, which adds new functions like lambda expressions, move semantics, and range-based for loops.

All things considered, This book is a thorough and approachable manual for the C++ programming language. For anyone wishing to study C++ or deepen their understanding of the language, it is a fantastic resource. This book will provide you the skills and information you need, whether you are a novice or an expert programmer, to master C++ and produce effective, high-quality code.

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