AI Identification- Variables in Physical Concepts

AI identification has reached that point in the world where AI programs can now help identify variables in physical concepts. Variables are always necessary to understand any physical phenomena. While most physical connections contain factors that scientists are aware of, a few have remained mysterious. Researchers from Columbia University have now created software that watches … Read more

CNN in Computer Vision

CNN in Computer Vision stands for the convolutional neural network. Convolutional Neural Network is a concept emerged from human Neuron. Human Neuron consists of Dendrites, Cell body, Axon and synaptic Terminal. Dendrites are basically input, Cell body is the thinking machine, axons transfer the input and synaptic terminal is basically the output. To know more … Read more

Projective Geometry Computer Vision

Projective Geometry in Computer vision is an important concept. Projective geometry provides the mathematical formalism to describe the geometry of cameras and associated transformations, enable the manipulations of 2D projections of 3D objects. The definition of Projective Geometry in Wikipedia given HERE. Just like an English Grammar has First, Second and Third Person Perspectives, Computer … Read more

Algorithm Machine Learning – Machine Learning

Algorithm Machine Learning is a word made up of three words, Algorithm, Machine, and Learning.  The algorithm is a set of rules to solve a problem. A machine is a tool that makes your life easy, and Learning is studying new things. Before diving into the Algorithm let’s first fully grasp what are learning tasks, specifically Machine Learned Tasks. … Read more