Sparse arrays hackerrank solution JavaScript and Python

Sparse arrays hackerrank solution JavaScript

Firstly declare a list to store the returned list. Secondly, Declare an outer loop which loops through the queries list. Write another loop which will iterate through the values present in stringList List. Declare a counter too, to count the number of occurrences queries element present inside the string List. Check if Element i of Queries List is equal to the element j of stringList. Push the Counter variable inside your returned List

Print in Python 2

Print in Python 2 is a very simple task that can be accomplished using the print statement. The print statement is a function that takes a string or a list of strings as an argument and prints them to the standard output, which is usually the console. StackOverflow: Difference between print and print() To use … Read more

Generator Random Numbers

Generator Random Numbers is a tool that generates Random numbers given maximum and minimum. For example, if we want to generate a number between 0 to 10, The Random Generator Will Give a random number between 0 to 10. Today we will write code in Python and C++ to develop the Random Numbers Generator. Why … Read more

What is Enumeration in Python

If you are a programmer, you may have seen this question. What is Enumeration in Python? A data collection object is transformed into an enumerate object using the enumerate function in Python. Enumerate produces an object with a counter serving as a key for each value in the object, making it simpler to retrieve the … Read more

Alphabet Rangoli

We came across a coding problem today on Hackerrank called Alphabet Rangoli. We need to solve this in Python. The link of the problem on HackerRank is Here: Link Problem Statement You are given an integer, Your task is to print an alphabet rangoli of size. (Rangoli is a form of Indian folk art based … Read more

Python Check Subset

A Python Check Subset is a function we will write in Python to find if a given list is a subset of another given list. We will discuss the code in detail. What is Subset? A set whose components are all contained within another set. Wikipedia If A and B are sets and every element of A is also an element of B, then: … Read more

Longest Common Sequence Leetcode

We are going to solve a Hard coding Problem longest common sequence leetcode. LeetCode Link of the Problem is HERE. It is one of the most difficult sequence finding tasks on leetcode. We have tried to Solve this in Python3. Question Given two strings text1 and text2, you have to return the length of their longest common subsequence leetcode. If there … Read more

Container With Most Water – LeetCode Solutions

LeetCode has a Medium coding Problem in Its’ Algorithm Section “Container With Most Water”. Today We are going to solve this problem in Python. LeetCode Link of the Problem is HERE Question You are given an integer array height of length n. There are n vertical lines are drawn such that the two endpoints of the ith line are (i, 0) and (i, height[i]). Find … Read more

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