C++ Programming Solutions – Encrypt String

Today we will give you the C++ Programming Solution of Encrypting a String. There are many types of encrypting a string some of them are HERE. We are going to encrypt a simple String in C++. The Coding Problem and its Solution are below. Question Kathy is a scientist who is developing a machine that creates 5-character long string code. She prefers to encrypt the strings rather than save them as they are. She’s requested you to create software that would accept a 5-character string as input and encrypt it in the format she’s provided You must look for the letters in the odd locations of the string and, if they are vowels, you must replace them with  _ (underscore). Example … Read more

Algorithm Machine Learning – Machine Learning

Algorithm Machine Learning is a word made up of three words, Algorithm, Machine, and Learning.  The algorithm is a set of rules to solve a problem. A machine is a tool that makes your life easy, and Learning is studying new things. Before diving into the Algorithm let’s first fully grasp what are learning tasks, specifically Machine Learned Tasks. … Read more

Binary Search Python – Searching Algorithm

Binary Search Python is an optimized search algorithm to find a variable in an Ordered array or list. Suppose I have to find supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in a dictionary: Dictionary is an ordered list. (A-Z) I will not find the word in the start because its starting character is not A. Suppose I open a page randomly in … Read more

What is Abstract Data Types – Data Types

This question appears a lot in front of Computer Science Students, that What is Abstract Data types? Before we define Abstract Data types, let us define two important terms what are data types? and what are primitive data types? Data Types A data type is a collection of data having specified values in a computer language. For example, int, float, double, string, char, etc. There is a predefined data … Read more

Database views in SQL – View of Data

Before going into the Database views in SQL, first, let’s see what a Database is?   The database is a collection of interrelated data, for example, the Database of the Hospital. It contains the data related to Patients Drugs, their illness, etc., which are somehow related. A Database must be efficient and sensible; for example, … Read more

Can you get the loop? – Codewars C++ Solution

Codewars has been a great platform for computer science students to nourish their coding skills. There are great problems to solve on topics like Data Structures, Algorithms, simple loops, etc. Codewars provide coding exercises in almost every programming language. We are going to solve a problem related to Linked List in Codewars C++  programming language. … Read more