• Roman Numerals Decoder Codewars

    Every symbol in Roman has a value associated with it. For example, X has a value of 10. Similarly, V has a value of 5. You need to add all the associated values, and you will get the number. For example, XXV where X=10 and V=5. Adding X+X+V = 10+10+5 = 25. But the Problem Arises when you have numbers like 4, 9, 40, etc. 9 is represented as IX in Roman, but if we apply the above technique. We will get I + X = 1 + 10 = 11. It is not Correct. When decoding Roman numerals, o

  • Interval Scheduling Greedy Algorithm

    The concept behind Interval Scheduling Greedy Algorithm is that we have a set of jobs (tasks) that need to be scheduled on a machine, and each job j has a start time Sj and a finish time Fj. We can’t schedule two jobs at the same time if they overlap. Our objective is to fill […]

  • 2D Array DS Hackerrank solution in Python

    HackerRank has a coding Problem “2D Array DS Hackerrank solution in Python”. Today We are going to solve this problem. HackerRank Link of the Problem is HERE Question Given a 6×6 2D Array, arr: 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 […]

  • Sparse arrays hackerrank solution JavaScript and Python

    Problem Sparse arrays hackerrank In Sparse Arrays HackerRank Problem Both a collection of query strings and a collection of input strings are present. Find the number of times each query string appears in the list of input strings. Return the results as an array. The Original Link of HackerRank Problem is Here : Link. Example Description of […]

  • How to Sort Numbers in Python without sort Function

    Today we are going out to Sort Numbers in Python without sort Function. There is a similar Kata in Codewars to Sort only odd Numbers without sort Function in Python. The link of the similar Kata (sorting only odd numbers) is given HERE. Task: You will be given an array of numbers. You have to sort the numbers in ascending […]

  • Domain Types in SQL – Structured Query Language

    A user-defined data types in SQL are Domain Type. You can use the domain instead of a built-in SQL data type. To know the difference between user-defined and built-in data types check our post.  You can use the domain instead of a built-in SQL data type when declaring a column. That column will then be restricted only to use the same domain. Some good definitions of Domain type in SQL are found HERE. Domain Types […]

  • Basic Data Types HackerRank solution in C++

    Today we will give you the Basic Data Types HackerRank solution in C++. There are primitive data types and abstract data types in any programming language to learn more about them visit HERE. Before going towards the problem let’s see the format specifiers and common bit widths of different data types. Data Types Format Specifiers Common bit […]

  • Python get domain name from URL – Python Solutions

    Today we are going out to find the domain name out of the URL string through Python. There is a similar Kata in Codewars to extract the domain name from a URL through Python. Let’s say we have the URL string which is What would be the domain name of this URL? The domain name will be hecodesit.  The URL […]