Stable Matching Problem Example

The Stable matching problem Example started with a question that, is that possible to design a college admission process that will be self enforcing? or a job recruiting process which is self enforcing? Stable Matching Wikipedia. Let’s say all Juniors in University started applying for summer Internships. The summer internship process is a two way … Read more

Basic Data Types HackerRank solution in C++

Today we will give you the Basic Data Types HackerRank solution in C++. There are primitive data types and abstract data types in any programming language to learn more about them visit HERE. Before going towards the problem let’s see the format specifiers and common bit widths of different data types. Data Types Format Specifiers Common … Read more

What is Big O Notation in Algorithm

Big O notation is a specific notation that indicates the speed of an algorithm. When you use others’ algorithms in your project it is necessary to calculate Big O notation. It will help you to know how fast or slow it will work in your case. To know more about Big O notation visit HERE Algorithm run-time at different rates Alex is working on a SpaceX search algorithm. When a rocket is poised to arrive on the Moon, his algorithm will kick in and assist in determining where to land. The Algorithm he has to use … Read more

Domain Types in SQL – Structured Query Language

A user-defined data types in SQL are Domain Type. You can use the domain instead of a built-in SQL data type. To know the difference between user-defined and built-in data types check our post.  You can use the domain instead of a built-in SQL data type when declaring a column. That column will then be restricted only to use the same domain. Some good definitions of Domain type in SQL are found HERE. … Read more