What is Confidentiality in Network Security

Do you know what is confidentiality in network security ? Confidentiality in network security is keeping the contents of communication or data on storage secret. The link to the definition: Wikipedia


what is confidentiality in network security
What is confidentiality in network security

Confidentiality deals with preventing the unauthorized reading of information. AOB probably wouldn’t care much about the confidentiality of the information it deals with, except for the fact that its customers certainly do. For example, Bob doesn’t want Trudy to know how much he has in his savings account. Alice’s Bank would also face legal problems if it failed to protect the confidentiality of such information.

Note that confidentiality and integrity are not the same things. For example, even if Trudy cannot read the
data, she might be able to modify this unreadable data, which, if undetected, would destroy its integrity. In this case, Trudy might not know what changes she had made to the data (since she can’t read it), but she might not care—sometimes just causing trouble is good enough.

Example: Alice and Bob want their communications to be secret from Eve
Eve can see the bits
Key – a secret shared between Alice & Bob
Sometimes accomplished with
Cryptography, Steganography, Access Controls, Database Views

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