What is Text Wrapping in Excel

If you are working in Microsoft Excel for the first time, the question ‘What is Text Wrapping in Excel’ may have come to your mind. If we only talk about the literal meaning of “wrapping,” it is paper or plastic that covers or protects something. While Text in a cell in Microsoft Excel can be wrapped to display on many lines, you have the option to manually input a line break or format the cell such that the content automatically wraps. Simply, Wrap Text is a feature in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications that displays all the data in a cell, even if it extends beyond the cell boundary.

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel

Wrap text automatically ( What is Text Wrapping in Excel )

  • Select the cells you want to format in a worksheet.
  • Click Wrap Text under the Alignment category on the Home tab. (You may also pick the cell in Excel for desktop and press Alt + H + W.)
What is Text Wrapping in Excel
What is Text Wrapping in Excel

To make all wrapped text visible, increase the row height

  • Choose the cell or range for which the row height should be changed.
  • Click Format in the Cells group under the Home tab.
  • Pick one of the following actions under Cell Size:
    • Click AutoFit Row Height to have the row height adjusted automatically.
    • Click Row Height, then input the desired row height in the Row height box to set a row height.

Put a line break in.

To begin a new line of text in a cell at any certain location:

  • Double-click the cell where a line break should be added.
  • Click the cell’s desired spot for the line break, then press Alt + Enter.

For more information about wrapping in Excel you can contact Microsoft Support.

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